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Sustainability is an integral part of everything we do.

At Mitsubishi Electric, we value Sustainability as one of our core corporate philosophies.

As a socially responsible corporation, Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong) initiates and supports a wide range of activities related to charity, environment and education schemes to meet the needs of our community and help make a difference to it.

We aim to share our love and provide support for the less privileged by giving generously to different charity organizations and actively taking part in a host of volunteer service programs throughout the territory.

We also engage with different organizations to carry out community-based initiatives in a bid to promoting environmental conservation and developing the young generation through activities that support the promotion of science & technology, culture and arts, and sports.

Charity & Community Service

Donation of Electric Fans for the elderly in need

We donated 100 sets of electric fan to C & MA Bradbury King Lam Elderly Centre in July 2021 for their distribution to the underprivileged elderly. We hope the beneficiaries can enjoy a comfortable living environment in the summer and receive warmth of love from the community.

Collaboration Projects with Yan Oi Tong - Care to those Elderly in Need

Due to the social distancing measures under the pandemic, the elderly may feel isolated and lonely. To show our love and support to them, we joined hands with Yan Oi Tong to distribute food gift packs to them in Jan 2021, and our volunteers celebrated the lunar new year with them via ZOOM in Feb 2021.

Food Grace - Food Gift Pack Distribution

To show our love and support to the underprivileged families during the pandemic situation, we have joined hands with Food Grace to distribute food gift packs to 200 families in Jan – Feb 2021.

Mitsubishi Electric - Caring Company

In 2015 - 20, Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong) Limited was awarded the “Caring Company Logo” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our continuous support and contributions to the community. We continue our endeavor to be a good corporate citizen.

Matching-Donation Scheme

We took part in different fundraising events, namely MSF Day organized by Medecins Sans Frontieres, Orbis World Sight Day organized by Orbis, etc. to support their meaningful charity campaigns. To encourage our staff’s participation, we launched the "Matching-Donation Scheme“ (i.e, every HK$1 that our staff member donates, we will donate HK$1) to engage more staff to support and render their care to the community.


"Connecting Children with Nature" Program

"Connecting Children with Nature" is a program aiming to support local innovative green technology and educate children about renewable energy and a sustainable environment. In this program, we sponsored further development and application of the Direct Thermal Charging Cell ("DTCC"), newly invented by Dr. Shien-Ping Feng and his research team from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Hong Kong. In addition, we invited some primary students to participate in the "Animal Circuit Drawing Workshop" to learn about how waste heat can turn into usable electricity and provide them the opportunity to experience a biodiversity environment in a novel and interesting way. We hope it can inspire children to learn about the importance of environmental protection.

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Animal Circuit Drawing Workshop

"Creative Sustainability-kids 100" Program

To enhance children’s awareness of environmental protection and develop their creativity, we collaborate with the Little Light Art Project to launch the program "Creative Sustainability-kids 100" in 2021, which provides a series of engaging workshops to promote the importance of resources recycling.

Workshops & Activities:

  • Plastic Bottle Windmill Workshop
  • Plastic Bottle Kendama Workshop
  • Plastic Bottle Car Workshop
  • Online Kendama Contest
  • Online Plastic Bottle Craft Exhibition
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  • Students’ Crafts Sharing

  • Online Plastic Bottle Craft Exhibition

"Green Living Starter" Programme (Phase 2: 2020-2021)

To nurture this creative and tech-savvy generation and promote green living, this programme has been launched in collaboration with La violet Education to help students practice a greener lifestyle in their schools, homes, and communities by integrating the concept of design thinking and innovative technology.

The project will launch a series of activities in 2020 – 2021 including educational workshop, school talk, corporate visit, sustainable learning, etc. to stimulate students’ creativity and sense of empathy, and to coach them ways to apply design thinking and STEM knowledge to practise “green living”.

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Educational Workshop


"Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation" Project – Phase 2 (2020-2022)

To support the promotion of STEM education (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and green innovation to our next generation, we sponsored this 2-year Government funded project which is organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Centre for Innovation & Technology. The project will launch a series of activities in 2020 - 2022 such as training workshop, site visit, competition and exhibition to nurture STEM talents in Hong Kong with problem-solving skills and offer opportunities to them to share their fruitful achievement with the public at the exhibition.

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Mitsubishi Electric Green Innovation Competition 2021

The competition was successfully held on 7 July 2021. "Green powers fight against COVID-19" became the competition theme of the year, attracted 52 local primary and secondary schools in total 57 teams (around 285 students) to join the competition. The newly introduced "The Most Popular Design" public voting section accumulated more than 2,000 participants; winning voters were rewarded with home appliances sponsored by us.

Virtual InnoCarnival 2020

InnoCarnival 2020, a 9-day virtual exhibition, was held from 23 to 31 December 2020. A virtual booth of the project "Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation (Phase 2)" was set up on the internet to introduce STEM education; it successfully attracted more than 500 views. A public coding competition was also held and received nearly 30 registrations in total.

Hong Kong Tech Challenge Junior 2020

Hong Kong Tech Challenge Junior is an advanced robotic competition which requires problem-solving skill and cooperation skill from the participants. The qualified teams will join the world robotic competition in the USA every year. There were 14 teams and 55 teams in the competitions in January and April in 2021, respectively.

Online Chatting with Engineers

To prepare the participating student teams for the upcoming Mitsubishi Electric Green Innovation Competition 2021, a mentorship program called "Online Chatting with Engineers" was organized in May 2021. The teams would have a chance to consult engineers from Mitsubishi Electric Hong Kong for their valuable comments to modify their innovation designs.

Scholarships to Educational Institutes

We offered scholarships to different educational institutes to provide financial support to students

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