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Sustainability is an integral part of everything we do.

At Mitsubishi Electric, we value Sustainability as one of our core corporate philosophies.

As a socially responsible corporation, Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong) initiates and supports a wide range of activities related to charity, environment and education schemes to meet the needs of our community and help make a difference to it.

We aim to share our love and provide support for the less privileged by giving generously to different charity organizations and actively taking part in a host of volunteer service programs throughout the territory.

We also engage with different organizations to carry out community-based initiatives in a bid to promoting environmental conservation and developing the young generation through activities that support the promotion of science & technology, culture and arts, and sports.

Charity & Community Service

Walk Tour in Hong Kong City with Elderly

We partnered with Yan Oi Tong to organize a local tour of Hong Kong for the elderly in Mar 2024. We visited the Lantau Link Viewing Platform, Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, and strolled along the Tung Chung Promenade. Everyone had a meaningful and joyful day together.

Lunar New Year Celebration with Elderly 2024

We joined hands with Yan Oi Tong to celebrate the Lunar New Year with the elderly in Feb 2024. To share love and Festive joy, our staff distributed Gift Packs to the elderly and participated in the Papercutting workshop and karaoke with them.

Christmas Celebration with Elderly 2023

We joined hands with Yan Oi Tong to celebrate Christmas with the elderly in Dec 2023. Our staff helped set up the game booth and provided assistance at the Cookie DIY Workshop & Puppet Show. Everyone was having a good time together.

Music Journey with Electricity

We collaborated with St. James Settlement on a STEAM education program, which aimed to teach students the knowledge of science and technology through a series of workshops.
Our volunteers attended a workshop at Tai Po Yan Chai Hospital Choi Hin To Primary School in May 2023. During the workshop, the students made musical instruments (such as electronic drums, electronic keyboards, and metronomes) by applying their science knowledge, and our volunteers coached and played games with them.

Donation of Electric Appliances

We donate our home appliances and air conditioning products in support of charity organizations for their social services enhancement and facilities upgrade, namely donation of electric fans to Pok Oi Hospital to support their meaningful Kong Ha Wai Village Transitional Housing Project benefiting families in need.


Walk for Nature 2023 "Amazing Mai Po"

In December 2023, our staff and their family members participated in a captivating exploration charity walkathon held by WWF at Mai Po. The WWF staff guided them through a new walking route in the southern part of Mai Po Nature Reserve and unveiled the Reserve’s diverse landscape.

"Creative Eco-Kids" Program

Creative Eco-Kids program aims to educate children about the importance of resources recycling for environmental protection, and develop their creativity by using daily domestic waste to create crafts. We have collaborated with the Little Light Art Project to launch the program since 2021, which provides a series of engaging workshops, contest and exhibition to around 100 children to promote biodiversity, renewable energy and recycling for enhancing their awareness of environmental protection.

Workshops & Activities:

  • Flying Animal Workshop
  • Animal Sumo Workshop
  • Solar Car Workshop
  • Solar Car Contest
  • Eco Art Exhibition
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  • Animal Sumo Workshop

  • Flying Animal Workshop

  • Solar Car Contest

  • Eco Art Exhibition 2023


V.Cares Youth Volleyball Program

We collaborated with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group to launch the "V.Cares Youth Volleyball Program" since 2022, providing sports experience and self-growth opportunities to the youth. The program includes a series of activities such as volleyball training, personal development workshop, volunteering services, and volleyball tournament, aiming to provide training and development to over 100 young people, as well as inspire them to learn about the importance of having a healthy mind in a healthy body and care for the community.

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  • Preseason Match

  • Volunteer Service

  • Training Camp

  • V.League Tournament


"Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation" Project – Phase 3 (2022 – 2024)

To support the promotion of STEM education (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and green innovation to the next generation, we sponsored this 2-year Government-funded project, which has been organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Centre for Innovation & Technology since 2018. The project launches a series of activities such as training workshops, site visits, competitions, and exhibitions to nurture STEM talents in Hong Kong with problem-solving skills and offers opportunities for them to share their fruitful achievement with the public at the exhibition.

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Mitsubishi Electric Eco Tech Cup 2023

A new competition, "Mitsubishi Electric Eco Tech Cup," has been added to the program in 2023. It allows both students and the general public to participate, aiming to encourage more people from different backgrounds in the community to generate eco-tech ideas for promoting sustainable development in Hong Kong.

The final competition was successfully held on 19 Aug 2023 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 33 teams from the Public section and 60 teams from the Students section submitted innovative solutions regarding "City Sustainable Development" for the competition. A total of 150 contestants entered the final. The public voting section attracted more than 1,300 people to vote online for the "most popular solutions."

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Green Innovation Competition 2023

The competition was successfully held on 8 July 2023, attracting 350 students from 31 primary schools and 28 secondary schools to join. Students applied their creativity and STEM knowledge to propose solutions to tackle environmental problems in the city, such as climate change, excessive waste, and air and water pollution. The public voting section for "The Most Popular Design" also received overwhelming responses, with nearly 1,200 people voting for it.

Scholarships to Educational Institutes

We offered scholarships to different educational institutes to provide financial support to students

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