Mitsubishi Electric in Hong Kong

Corporate Social Responsibility

Good corporate citizenship is an integral part of everything we do.

As a good corporate citizen, we initiate and support a wide range of CSR activities related to charity, environment and education schemes to meet the needs of our community and help make a difference to it.

We aim to share our love and provide support for the less privileged by giving generously to different charity organizations and actively taking part in a host of volunteer service programs throughout the territory.

We also engage with different organizations to carry out community-based initiatives in a bid to promoting environmental conservation and developing the young generation through activities that support the promotion of science & technology, culture and arts, and sports.

Charity & Community Service

“Fill Up My Life” Day Camp

To cultivate students’ (P.4 – P.6) positive values and attitudes, we joined hands with St. James’ Settlement to organize a Day Camp for them in June 2019. The Day Camp included a series of workshops and trainings for students to apply what they have learnt.

Parent’s Day Celebration

We joined hands with Yan Oi Tong to organize a Parent’s Day Celebration with Elderly in June 2019 with activities of Beeswax Cloth DIY, luncheon, lucky draw, and gift distribution. All participants shared a great time together.

Wedding Photography for Elderly

In October 2018, we partnered with Christian Family Service Centre to provide a free photographing service where the elderly couples could experience the wedding moment again by dressing up as “Bride & Bridegroom” and expressed their love to each other.

Storytelling Workshop

We joined hands with Hans Andersen Club and organized a storytelling workshop for children in Apr 2018. All participants took part in a role play and made handicrafts together which could definitely stimulate the kids’ creativity!

Orbis Walk for Sight 2018

We joined the charity walk organized by Orbis Hong Kong in March 2018 for helping the needlessly blind kids to walk into the light.

Mitsubishi Electric - Caring Company

In 2015 - 20, Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong) Limited was awarded the “Caring Company Logo” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our continuous support and contributions to the community. We continue our endeavor to be a good corporate citizen.

Donation of Home Appliances for the elderly in need

To care for the elderly, we donated over 100 electric fans and refrigerators to Christian Family Service Centre and Yan Oi Tong in July 2018 for their distribution to the underprivileged.

We hope the beneficiaries can enjoy comfortable living environment in the summer and feel the warmth from the community.

Matching-Donation Scheme

We took part in different fundraising events, namely MSF Day organized by Medecins Sans Frontieres, Orbis World Sight Day organized by Orbis, etc. to support their meaningful charity campaigns. To encourage our staff’s participation, we launched the "Matching-Donation Scheme“ (i.e, every HK$1 that our staff member donates, we will donate HK$1) to engage more staff to support and render their care to the community.


"Share the Sunshine" Programme

To educate the next generation about the importance of environment conservation, we have joined hands with the New Life Farm, run by the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, to launch the “Share the Sunshine” Programme since 2017.

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Eco Tour & Crops Delivery

In this programme, we not only donated solar energy systems to the Farm but also sponsored eco tours organized by the Farm monthly to let children learn renewable energy through green talk, experience the joy of planting and harvesting as well as deliver love and care to the underprivileged by sharing the harvests.

“Green Living Starter” Programme (2019-2020)

To nurture this creative and tech-savvy generation and promote green living, this programme has been launched in collaboration with La violet Education to help students practice a greener lifestyle in their schools, homes, and communities by integrating the concept of design thinking and innovative technology.

The project will launch a series of activities in 2019 – 2020 including educational workshop, school talk, corporate visit, sustainable learning, etc. to stimulate students’ creativity and sense of empathy, and to coach them ways to apply design thinking and STEM knowledge to practise “green living”.

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School Talk

Over 100 students joined the “ECO” talk in June 2019. The talk introduced the current situation of energy consumption and renewable energy in Hong Kong, and let students understand more about the relationship between innovative technology and energy saving. It aimed to raise their eco awareness and inspired them to make behavioral change to start a green living.

Educational Workshop

Over 60 students from four secondary schools have participated in “Design Thinking” workshops since March 2019. During the workshop, they learnt the concept of Design Thinking, how to apply it to brainstorm ideas for different energy-saving solutions in school and develop prototype under guidance of instructor.


“Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation” Project 2018 - 2020

To support the promotion of STEM education (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and green innovation to our next generation, we sponsored this 2-year Government funded project which is co-organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Centre for Innovation & Technology and Hong Kong Technology Education Association. The project will launch a series of activities in 2018 - 2020 such as training workshop, site visit, competition and exhibition to nurture STEM talents in Hong Kong with problem-solving skills and offer opportunities to them to share their fruitful achievement with the public at the exhibition.

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Six Arts Competition 2019

Six Arts refer to Rites, Music, Archery, Charioteering, Calligraphy, and Mathematics. They formed the basis of education in ancient Chinese culture. In order for the students to know more about traditional Chinese culture and STEM at the same time, this competition requires them to interpret the story and concept behind the Six Arts by building their own robots. More than 40 teams of primary & secondary schools students joined the competition and presented their ideas & robots at Hong Kong Science Park in October 2019. By integrating Six Arts with STEM, it can encourage students to unleash their creative sparks.

Green Innovation 2019

Over 300 students from more than 80 primary and secondary schools joined the competition which was held in Hong Kong Science Park in July 2019. Students were required to observe the environmental issue that they encountered in school, then applied their creativity and STEM knowledge to come up with creative green solutions under the topic of “Green Classroom”, and finally presented their ideas and prototypes. It was a great opportunity for students to practise what they learnt, broaden their horizons and enhance their eco awareness.

Infrared Control Kruino Car Workshop & Smart Car Park Workshop

Both workshops were held in The Chinese University of Hong Kong in February and March 2019. Students got an opportunity to understand more about circuit and power saving through assembling the Infrared Control Kruino Car. In addition, students used Arduino boards and different types of sensor to build a smart carpark slot which could also strengthen the students’ ability to collect and analyze data.

Hong Kong Tech Challenge 2018

CMA Secondary School garnered the Excellence Award of both Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Categories

Over 70 teams of students from primary and secondary schools joined the competition which was held in Hong Kong Science Park in January 2019. The competition could not only raise the students’ interest in STEM, but also let them understand the importance of team cooperation and spirit. Moreover, the winning team of secondary school category may represent Hong Kong to compete in the VEX Robotics World Championship which will be held in the US in April 2019.

Visit to Our Showroom

Nearly 25 students from different secondary schools visited our showroom and interacted with our colleagues to learn more about green technology application in different areas in December 2018. We hope the visit could arouse students' interests and inspire them to think about innovative ideas for their preparation and participation of “Green Innovation Competition 2019” which is also a part of the project.


A total of 5000 participants visited the InnoCarnival which was held in The Hong Kong Science Park in November 2018. There were game booths and exhibition for the partner schools to show their robots with the theme of “6-Art”. It was a good opportunity for students to share their exhibits and interact with the public in the exhibition.

Open Classes (Robot Workshop)

200 primary and secondary students joined the Open Classes in September 2018 to acquire basic knowledge of VEX robot formation, programming and control. All participants are also invited to join the STEM Carnival to demonstrate their achievements in December.

Arduino Workshop

75 participants learned C Language of Arduino programming and analyzed data collected by sensors in June and July 2018. This technology can be applied in network building of IoT (Internet of Things) and smart home forming by utilizing the techniques to home appliances.

University Students' Visit to Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong)

Students from Mechanical Engineering of Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited our office in March 2018. Our colleagues briefed them how green technologies are applied in air conditioning & ventilation, energy systems and railway systems. Besides, students took a tour around our showroom and we also explained and demonstrated our diverse cutting-edge products to them.

Scholarships to Educational Institutes

We offered scholarships to different educational institutes to provide financial support to students

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