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What’s for Lunch? Poland

A healthy, ready-made meal at the Poland office Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. — Polish Branch

December 2017

Magdalena Kopalińska works in the accounting department as a credit control specialist at Mitsubishi Electric Europe’s Polish Branch. She has to be highly conscientious when carrying out her daily tasks, so lunchtime is always an enjoyable break in the company canteen with her colleagues.

Magda usually orders ready-made meals and eats them in the canteen. The menu is extensive, and ranges from pizzas and burgers to very healthy meals. Her lunch today was one of the frozen ready-made meals that are sold in the office for employees to buy. On Fridays, pizzas and burgers are the most popular options as they give a taste of the coming weekend. However, many employees tend to choose healthy meals like hers on weekdays. Some of her colleagues prepare their meals at home and bring them to work.

“We have a shared canteen in our office in Balice where we can meet people who work in other parts of the building and have lunch together”, she explains. The canteen provides opportunities for her to talk to people about business matters and their interests. She sometimes shares memories from holidays or talks to her colleagues about subjects that interest her. The atmosphere in the canteen is friendly and casual. Employees often tell jokes and laugh, and charge their phones before returning to work. “Our canteen is often a venue for celebrations, too, for occasions like birthdays, weddings, christenings and promotions. It’s where we sing "Happy Birthday", extend our best wishes or congratulations and treat the others to cakes or sweets”, Magda says.

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