Corporate Social Responsibility

Good corporate citizenship is an integral part of everything we do.

As a good corporate citizen, we initiate and support a wide range of CSR activities related to charity, environment and education schemes to meet the needs of our community and help make a difference to it.

We aim to share our love and provide support for the less privileged by giving generously to different charity organizations and actively taking part in a host of volunteer service programs throughout the territory.

We also engage with different organizations to carry out community-based initiatives in a bid to promoting environmental conservation and developing the young generation through activities that support the promotion of science & technology, culture and arts, and sports.

Charity & Community Service

Home visit to Distressed Elderly

We joined the home visit event organized by Suicide Prevention Services (SPS) held in May 2017. Our volunteers visited distressed elderly who live alone , talked with them and distributed the caring pack with rice dumpling and daily commodities to them.

Storytelling Workshop

We partnered with Hans Andersen Club to organize a storytelling workshop for children in April 2017. In this workshop, our volunteers performed the role play on the famous Japanese story "Momotaro (桃太郎)" and made some Japanese refreshments (Onigiri) together with the children in order to broaden their horizons and nourish their minds.

Eco Tour (Farm Visit)

Partnered with St. James' Settlement, an eco tour was organized for the primary students from Wai Chow Public School (Sheung Shui) in March 2017. It aimed to enhance students' ecological conservation concept and strengthen their communication skills and independency.

Our volunteers accompanied students to visit New Life Farm in Tuen Mun, join the mini-orienteering, planting, enzyme DIY and organic cooking workshop. They all enjoyed a fruitful and happy day.

Liver Charity Walk 2016

We were invited as a corporate donor to join the first “Liver Charity Walk” organized by The Hong Kong Liver Transplant Patients’ Association in December 2016 to raise fund for its daily operation to give support to the liver transplanted patients and educate the public about the importance of liver protection and healthy lifestyle.

Green Living & Gardening Workshop
with Mentally Retarded & Physically Handicapped People

We co-organized Green Living & Gardening Workshop with Sham Shui Po Integrated Rehabilitation Centre (Po Leung Kuk) in Dec 2016. During the event, our volunteers accompanied the mentally retarded and physically handicapped people to make and decorate the name badges with dried flowers and stickers in order to let them understand the concept of "Environmental Protection".

Back To School Drive 2016

We, one of corporate donors, sponsored “The Back To School Drive 2016” organized by St. James’ Settlement (SJS) which is to encourage underprivileged students to study hard and let them understand that they are cared for.

We visited Wai Chow Public School (Sheung Shui) to give the gift pack (including the school bag and the gift) to the students in Sep 2016. Afterwards, an upcycling workshop was held to teach students the concept of “Upcycling” during the process of making a wine cork pen.

SPS Don't Qua Charity Action 2016

We supported “SPS Don't Qua Charity Action 2016” organized by Suicide Prevention Services (SPS) held in July 2016. Meanwhile, we appealed our staff to participate as volunteers to visit the distressed elderly who live alone, talk with them and give them snacks and melon water to share our care to them.

Dessert Class with Mentally Retarded & Physically Handicapped People

We co-organized dessert classes with Sham Shui Po Integrated Rehabilitation Centre (Po Leung Kuk) in Apr 2016. During the event, our volunteers accompanied the mentally retarded and physical handicapped people to make waffles in order to strengthen their learning skill and convey the “Sharing” concept to them.

Mitsubishi Electric - Caring Company

In 2015/17, Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong) Limited was awarded the “Caring Company Logo” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our continuous support and contributions to the community. We continue our endeavor to be a good corporate citizen.

Matching-Donation Scheme

We took part in different fundraising events, namely MSF Day organized by Medecins Sans Frontieres, Orbis World Sight Day organized by Orbis, etc. to support their meaningful charity campaigns. To encourage our staff’s participation, we launched the "Matching-Donation Scheme“ (i.e, every HK$1 that our staff member donates, we will donate HK$1) to engage more staff to support and render their care to the community.


"Youth Energy Saving Award" ("YESA") - Winning Team's Visit to Our Office

Students from Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School, one of the winning teams of YESA, visited our office in December 2016. During the visit, we shared with the students about green technologies and its application in different fields.

Besides, students took a tour around our showroom and we also explained and demonstrated our diverse cutting-edge products to them. They showed great interest to the advanced technologies behind the products.

"Youth Energy Saving Award" ("YESA" ) - Prize Presentation Ceremony cum
YESA Study Mission Sharing Session

We supported and sponsored "Youth Energy Saving Award ("YESA") - Study Mission on Low Carbon City" jointly organized by the Environment Bureau and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department ("EMSD"). The event was held in November 2016 at EMSD's Headquarters, Kowloon Bay. The aim of the program is to cultivate talent of new "Energy Wise" generation and to engage the youth to embark on an overseas study mission to learn from other low carbon cities. In the event, the winning team shared what they learnt about energy saving measures and their experiences about environment protection.

“Green x Engineering x Energy Crisis” Summer Camp

We sponsored the environmental education program “Green x Engineering x Energy Crisis” (4-day Summer Camp) for students organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Centre for Innovation & Technology & its student club held at the Chinese University Campus in July 2016.

A total of 30 students at F.2 to F.6 from different secondary schools joined the program which consisted of talk, workshop, visits, competition, etc. During the half-day visit to our office, our colleagues briefed students on green technologies and its application in different fields and took them a tour around our showroom to explain and demonstrate our diverse cutting-edge products. After the program, students can understand more about green technology, engineering and energy crisis issue through interactive learning.

Youth Energy Saving Award (YESA) –
Prize Presentation Ceremony

The YESA award is to encourage young people to form teams to plan for and implement energy saving measures. The response to the award was overwhelming with over 250 applications. As one of platinum sponsors, we were invited to be one of judging panel members and on stage together with the winning teams from Primary School, Secondary School and Open Group category to present e-cheque donation to their nominated non-governmental organizations for provision of youth services at the prize presentation ceremony held in June 2016.


University Students' Visit to Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong)

30 students from Mechanical Engineering of Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited our office in March 2017. Our colleagues briefed them how green technologies are applied in air conditioning & ventilation, energy systems and railway systems.

Besides, students took a tour around our showroom and we also explained and demonstrated our diverse cutting-edge products to them. They showed great interest to the advanced technologies behind the products.

Japan Factories Visit for University Students

We arranged the tour for 40 Polytechnic University Engineering students and teachers to visit our factories manufacturing air conditioners and refrigerators in Japan in May 2016. During the visit, students and teachers were impressed by the 5S implementation in our factories. Besides, students showed great interests in our displayed products, features demonstration in the showroom and well organized production line. The visit provided a fruitful learning experience and inspiration to students.

Scholarships to Educational Institutes

We offered scholarships to different educational institutes to provide financial support to students


The Mitsubishi Electric Group regards "ethics and compliance" as the foundation of corporate management. To further upgrade compliance management, we set up the Ethics & Legal Compliance Hotline System to effectively and expeditiously detect the facts of any misconduct, wrongdoing or transgression against due moral and/or ethical standards of conducts committed by employee(s) either individually or in conspiracy.